Alphex ltd., is a long established (since 1984),  importing and  distributing firm,   for large variety of Ceramic floor and wall tiles, aimed mainly for the Projects-Building-Market,  specializing in the Institutional  and  Public buildings with Heavy Traffic like:Hospitals, Train and bus stations, Universities and  schools, Government offices for  civil services,  industries from all kinds, Sport Centers and Country-Club's , Shopping Centers, etc. All regards to interior flooring, and walls tiling,  as well as tiles for exterior facades cladding and outdoor paving, holding also Line of Tac-Tiles for the interior and exterior Accessibility for Vision impaired in public areas.

Alphex ltd.  represent for many years, on exclusive base, leading Ceramic tiles Concerns from West Europe (France, Portugal, Italy, Turkey and Spain), while our operations cover the entire Israeli market, and the Palestinians territories
In Israel the choosing, the selecting and the decisions of which finishing building materials to use in each project, are
always in the hands of the Architects , Designers and Accessibility advisors.

Alphex ltd. is very much involved and well  established between almost  All Israeli  Architects-Firms, as well as most of small medium  to  leading Israeli building firms for the domestic Projects-Building-Market, having also limited operations
in several European and Central Africa Countries.